Case Study: Das T-Shirt Automat

Crafting a Custom Identity: Das T-Shirt Automat's Journey with Media Masons

Das T-Shirt Automat, Melbourne's finest hyper-fast custom garment printer, has built an enviable reputation for its dedication to quality, speed, and customer service. With a range of printing technologies at their disposal, including digital printing (DTG), vinyl transfers, and screen printing, Das T-Shirt Automat has become synonymous with customization. Not just that, they also assist with embroidery requests! But what happens when a brand like this wants to showcase its vibrant personality and expertise to a larger audience? Enter Media Masons, a Melbourne-based digital media agency known for weaving stories through videos and graphics.

The Collaboration

When Das T-Shirt Automat sought to amplify their online presence and share their brand's story, they turned to Media Masons. The collaboration aimed at creating a series of videos and social media content that would encapsulate the essence of Das T-Shirt Automat - their services, their brand, and their commitment to customer satisfaction.


Company Culture Video: The first piece of content was a company culture video that gave viewers an inside look at what makes Das T-Shirt Automat tick. This video highlighted the brand's commitment to quality and ethics, with a focus on their preference for high-quality and ethical brands like AS Colour for their blank garments. The video also showcased the dedicated team of cheery folk who stand ready to assist customers with their design needs, capturing the brand's welcoming atmosphere and camaraderie.

Tutorial Video: Das T-Shirt Automat is all about customization, and Media Masons created a tutorial video that acted as a guide for customers. This video demonstrated the process of creating custom designs using Das T-Shirt Automat's online designer tool, and how customers can even bring their own garments or items like mugs and tote bags for printing.

Product Video: The product video was a tour-de-force, showcasing the range of items that Das T-Shirt Automat can customize. From T-shirts and hoodies to kids' clothes and mugs, this video highlighted the versatility and expertise that Das T-Shirt Automat brings to the table.

Instagram Reels: Media Masons also produced four engaging Instagram Reels, providing snappy and attention-grabbing content that showcased different aspects of Das T-Shirt Automat. These Reels were designed to be easily shareable, driving engagement and interest in Das T-Shirt Automat's services.

The Impact

Das T-Shirt Automat’s collaboration with Media Masons proved to be a game-changer. The videos and social media content created by Media Masons resonated with the audience, reflecting the brand's ethos and showcasing its capabilities. Das T-Shirt Automat, which already prided itself on being Naarm/Melbourne’s finest hyper-fast custom garment printer, saw an increase in online engagement and inquiries. The content also helped in building a community around the brand, with customers appreciating the insights into the company’s culture and services.

Additionally, the series of videos acted as a bridge, connecting Das T-Shirt Automat with customers not just in Melbourne but across different cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

The Future

With the successful collaboration, Das T-Shirt Automat is poised for continued growth. Through the content created by Media Masons, the brand has not only showcased its services but also built a connection with its audience. This connection is bound to thrive as Das T-Shirt Automat continues to innovate and maintain its commitment to quality, speed, and excellent customer service​1​.

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