How It Works

Say goodbye to slow and expensive video production. Production companies can be slow, expensive and difficult to work with. So we standardised workflows and automated all messy admin!

Choose your video

Schedule a date and order your desired video production online.

Take a breather

Relax while we produce your content, giving you real-time updates.

Receive your video

We deliver your video, as soon as it's ready!

Only pay for what you need

Video production companies are known to throw in additional items that you don't need. Why should you pay for several rounds of revisions if you don't need them? We've trimmed the fat of video production budgets to provide the lowest cost possible.

Receive your video faster

By turning videos into simple products, we've removed the homework of finding a supplier and identifying project requirements. Eliminating the proposal process and lengthy communications ensures you receive your video faster than ever.

Quality you can depend on

Standardised video projects allows our team of videographers, producers and editors to deliver consistent, repeatable quality. From the type of videos we offer to the the duration on videos themselves, these standards are build upon years of insight into industry best-practice.

Simple, transparent pricing

A simple video production company that publishes all their prices online, can you believe one exists? It turns out it does! Download our latest PDF price list and budget your next production today.

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