Case Study: Smith & Daughters

Case Study: Crafting Compelling Content for Smith & Daughters

The Stage is Set

Smith & Daughters is not just a vegan restaurant and deli; it's a revolution! When the lights of Melbourne city sparkle, you can't miss the hub at 107 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, where the magic unfolds. Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli have taken the city by storm, offering sumptuous vegan dishes with a Mediterranean twist that even non-vegans crave. The genius behind this phenomenon is the incredibly talented Shannon Martinez.

Martinez, a trailblazer in the vegan food industry, combined her Smith & Daughters restaurant and Smith & Deli into one sprawling complex, complete with a grocery store and production kitchen. This new venue is a testament to her resilience, as she embarked on this expansion while overcoming a health battle​1​.

The Mission

Media Masons, the fresh-faced Australian content alchemists, had a mission: to create three exceptional videos for Smith & Daughters - a Product Video, an Internal Training Video, and a Case Study Video. Here's how they achieved it:

1. Product Video - "Flavors That Speak to the Soul"

Media Masons aimed to showcase the sheer diversity and richness of the menu at Smith & Daughters. They captured the smoky aroma wafting from the wood-fired grill, the meticulous process behind the vegan croissants, and the excitement around the almond ricotta wrapped in vine leaves.

They didn’t stop there. They delved into the history of the restaurant, from Martinez's light-bulb moment in 2007 when she realized the lack of upscale vegan dining experiences, to the launch of Smith & Daughters in 2014 and its meteoric rise​1​.

The video ends with a shot of diners around the open kitchen, savouring tailor-made menus, while Martinez expresses her passion for creating nostalgic food that’s more than just “good enough for vegans”​1​.

2. Internal Training Video - "The Craft Behind the Cuisine"

Media Masons focused on the heart of the enterprise – the people. This video featured interviews with staff members, who shared their passion for vegan cuisine and their dedication to perfection.

It also included a step-by-step demonstration of how vegan croissants are made, emphasizing the skill and time involved – as much as for regular croissants! This segment showcased the production kitchen, where you can see the process through the windows​1​. 

3. Case Study Video - "A Rebirth: The New Era of Smith & Daughters"

This video encapsulated the journey of Smith & Daughters and its evolution into a vegan hub. It highlighted the Mediterranean influence, with a nod to Martinez’s Spanish heritage, and touched upon how Smith & Daughters supports local businesses and industries.

Media Masons blended captivating visuals of the venue, from its wood panels and terracotta tones to the hustle in the kitchen. The video culminated in an inspiring note from Martinez about how her venues are entering a new era and how she’s put everything on the line for this venture​1​.

A Standing Ovation

Media Masons' trilogy of videos for Smith & Daughters is a symphony of storytelling. Through engaging visuals, they captured the soul of the brand, the dedication of its team, and the culinary wizardry that makes Smith & Daughters an unforgettable experience. The videos serve not only as a powerful marketing tool but also as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Step right up and let Media Masons put your brand in the limelight!

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