Add-On: Raw Footage

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Product Information

Keep your options open for your marketing activities with the purchase of all uncompressed video files from your Media Masons production. With the raw footage add-on, you can remix any of the footage you want, whenever you want. Download link is valid for 7 days.

Technical Information

Media Masons offers a full, 100% refund on all video productions if you're not fully satisfied with your purchase within 14 days.

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Choose your video

Schedule a date and order your desired video production online.

Take a breather

Relax while we produce your content, giving you real-time updates.

Receive your video

We deliver your video, as soon as it's ready!

Video Add-On Workflow

This one is really just yours to own!

When you purchase all of the raw media, you'll have access to every second of footage that was shot on set.

You can download it, store it, and use it however you'd like.

Applications For Video Add-On

It's nice to have a little extra something to work with down the road. Because nothing is set in stone and your business will evolve, with the raw footage add-on you can revist old content and adapt it for future content, audiences and channels.

Receive a vault of great footage that didn't make the first cut but can still be used use for any number of other formats and platforms as you wish.

Keep your options open for the future with a treasure trove of material to work with for years to come that you can remix, repurpose and reuse to tell new stories or revamp old ones.

What are revisions?

Every Media Masons video comes with one round of revisions/changes out of the box. This allows us reduce prices and increase the speed of order delivery for customers. If you would like to add additional revisions to your order, these can be purchased by either selecting more revisions on the product page or purchasing the additional revisions add-on. If you anticipate further reviews being required, it is recommended that these be purchased at checkout at the time of the original order.

What is duration?

All videos ship with recommended durations. This length is based on industry best-practice for high performing content for the specified video type. Beyond those options displayed on each product page, it is not currently possible to request custom length for a video product.

What are video ratios?

Media Masons allows customers to select the preferred video ratio/format at the point of checkout. If no ratio is specified, the default landscape ratio (16:9) will be used to produce the video content.

As a general guide, below are common applications for available video ratios:

  • 16:9 - Landscape. Best used for Youtube videos, Instagram Reels and website content.
  • 9:16 - Portrait. Best used for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Youtube Shorts and Tiktok Posts.
  • 1:1 - Square. Catch-all format that is generally accepted on most video sharing platforms.

What are locations?

A filming location is a place where the physical production or video recording occurs. By default, all Media Masons videos include one location unless otherwise stated. By limiting this number the speed of filming is increased, reducing both hours and costs associated with your production

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